IMS Robotics office building photographed from the junction area. At the building yard in Ottendorf-Okrilla.

Modern environmental technology since 1992

IMS Robotics Group specializes in the development, construction and manufacture of robots for sewer rehabilitation. In addition, the company can assert itself as being among the world market leaders in the field of house connection robots and is internationally well positioned. IMS Robotics Group is proud of its high product and production depth and the global marketing of its self-developed systems. The final production of the complex products takes place at the headquarter in Ottendorf-Okrilla near Dresden. IMS Robotics Group receives supplies from a network of reliable and highly professional partner companies and essential components from its own subsidiaries and affiliates.
IMS Robotics Group works closely with its customers and suppliers in order to use the great know-how and experience for the products. We attach particular importance to user-friendly handling and the best possible mobility of the systems. In this way, ideas become products. Technology results in knowledge. And success becomes cooperation!
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It is our vision to equip professionals in the sewer rehabilitation industry with the most intelligent and powerful technology for them to make a valuable contribution in maintaining our natural environment and health.
We start where others quit.

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We secure the underground infrastructure by delivering the most powerful products to our partners in sewer rehabilitation for avoiding damages to the environment and humans. At the same time, it is our aim to deliver the best and most reliable serial products, as well as highly specialised machines to our customers.
Our strong team is incredibly committed to achieve the impossible. We venture to look below the surface and go the extra mile. We bring our machines to work where common technologies reach their limits.

Company history

  1. Foundation of the IMS Robotics GmbH

    Dipl. Ing. Jens Bauer founded the engineering office Bauer & Partner GmbH with four employees in Langebrück near Dresden on January 29, 1992. On December 29, 1992, the company changed its name to Ingenieurgesellschaft für Maschinenentwicklung und Sonderfertigung IMS mbH (Engineering Company for Machine Development and Special Production).

    IMS office building from the outside with old company logo. Roadside Am Bauhof.
  2. Change of the headquarters to Ottendorf-Okrilla and realignment of the company

    An inquiry from a regional sewer rehabilitation company steers the company's interest in a new direction. With a contract for the development of a sewer cutting robot, the establishment of a separate division for sewer cutting robots and environmental technology begins.

    The result: the first IMS cutting robot FR150. Over the following years, the focus is increasingly directed towards environmental technology.

    Picture of the first IMS milling robot.
  3. Construction of the first MICRO and MINI sewer cutting robots

    Promotion of the first IMS Robotics MICRO- and MINI- cutting robots for house connection installations started.

    Pictures of the first MICRO milling machine.
  4. Environmental technologies as the main area of expertise

    Due to the successful reorientation and positive response of customers to our cutting technology, the company started to focus on products for the environmental technology. The necessary know-how as well as the development - from purchasing to construction - was, and still is, supplied entirely from within the company.


    Images of one of the first IMS milling robots with one inflatable bladder.
  5. The first TURBO robot

    The first TURBO cutting robot was launched. In addition, the production-supported program was introduced and a new assembly, manufacturing and storage hall was inaugurated.

    A close-up of the first TURBO vehicle.
  6. Special development order and a new shareholder

    As a result of a special order, the "Göttinger Kanalwurm" was developed as a controlable inspection unit for pipes. Within the scope of this innovative development, the cooperation between the founder Jens Bauer and Ljubisa Zlatkovic was established, who subsequently acquired 50% of the company shares. In addition, the company was renamed IMS Robotics GmbH on June 13, 2003 and started to focus exclusively on the field of pipe and sewer rehabilitation.

    Images of one of the first IMS milling robots with two inflatable bladder.
  7. The first MIDI robot

    The first MIDI robot, a main line cutting robot usable from DN 150 to 600, was succesfully launched. In addition, our/the service department was established. From then on, this department took care of all equipment-related customer issues.

    Picture of the first MIDI robot carriage, a main sewer milling robot for use from DN 150 to 600.
  8. Opening of the rental service department

    IMS Robotics GmbH opened the company's own rental fleet, in which all IMS Robotics products are available for short and long-term rentals.

    Photo of the IMS Robotics GmbH rental rack, in which robots are stored for rent in the warehouse.
  9. The first TURBO 3 on the market

    The first production unit of the TURBO 3 was completed, a main line robot with an application range from DN 200 to 600. As a result of the advancing expansion of the company, the number of employees increased to approx. 20. A national and international sales department was established and professionalised.

    Advertisement of the TURBO 3 in English.
  10. The new MICRO generation of robots

    Development and completion of the new MICRO cutting robot generation - a series of devices for all areas of application in the house connection. In order to meet the enormous demand on the world market, IMS Robotics GmbH doubled the number of employees. This year included the completion of the first NANO cutting robot - applicable in the house connection sector in DN 70 to 150.

    MICRO S system for house sewer rehabilitation with extended milling arm.
  11. Change of the company structure

    The first DRIVE cutting robot, usable in nominal diameters between DN 150 and 400, was launched. Ljubisa Zlatkovic became the sole shareholder and managing director of IMS Robotics GmbH and acquired the remaining company shares from Dipl.-Ing. Jens Bauer.

    DRIVE system for house sewer renovation with extended carriage.
  12. Establishment of IMS Pipe Technology AG and entrance into the development of UV systems

    In order to expand its  product range and to have a suitable solution for IMS Robotics' customers in all aspects of sewer rehabilitation, IMS Robotics acquired the Swiss company Jenni Umwelttechnik AG and, thereby, added UV curing technology to its portfolio. Christian Jenni is a pioneer in the development of UV curing systems and already promoted his products worldwide in 2014.

    After the acquisition, the development and production of the systems was moved to Germany and the Swiss company became IMS Pipe Technology AG. From its location in Herisau, this company is still responsible for the distribution and maintenance of all products of the IMS Robotics Group.

    Close-up of the MICRO S automatic cable drum with IMS PIPE Technology AG sticker.
  13. Development of the automation department and foundation of Alpha Logic s.c.

    This year included the establishment of the company's own automation department. In Poland, the company Alpha Logic was founded, which specialises in the development of control cards / pcb boards for the sewer rehabilitation robots of the IMS Robotics Group.

    Graphical representation of the world map; countries are highlighted in red and the dealer and service locations are marked with pins.
  14. Continuous expansion and establishment of ILZ GmbH

    In order to achieve the most extensive independence from external production partners for core elements of IMS Robotics products, ILZ GmbH was founded as a CNC manufacturing company. The company is located in Dresden-Weixdorf in close proximity to the headquarters of IMS Robotics Group in Ottendorf-Okrilla. On more than 1,800 square meters of production area, the latest technology is used to manufacture individual parts for IMS Robotics products as well as for external customers.            

    In this year, also, the first UV systems of IMS Robotics Group, were launched on the market.

    Production and office building of ILZ GmbH from the outside.
  15. Development of the first TURBO 4

    The first TURBO 4, a main line robot with application ranges from DN 200 to 800, was launched to provide a solution for the biggest cutting robot diameter range. IMS Robotics GmbH, which by then had more than 90 employees, hired its first working student and celebrated its strongest year so far in terms of sales. In addition, the first apprentice mechatronics technicians began their careers at IMS Robotics GmbH.

  16. Kardiam Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH and Dantec s.r.l becoma a part of IMS Robotics Group

    With KARDIAM Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH and Dantec s.r.l. from Italy, IMS Robotics Group gained two more strategically important companies. Also, IMS Robotics GmbH was able to present new developments in the most important company divisions / product sections. The particularly powerful UV 12000 - usable up to DN 1600 - completed the range of UV systems. In the house connection sector, the MICROpremium flex, an all-round talent for sewer rehabilitation, was developed. The portfolio of main line cutting robots was expanded to include the DRIVEplus, which can be used from DN 150 to 600.

    Exhibition of UV light sources from IMS Robotics at ROKATECH 2023.
  17. Expansion to France and the new MICRO S series

    IMS Robotics Group established itself on the French market with the foundation of L3 RESeaux S.A.S. In addition, the new MICRO S series was presented as the all-round talent for the house connection and in the application range between DN 75 and 250. Its bendability in a DN 100 pipe and around 90 degree bends has set the new benchmark for all house connection cutting robots up to now.

    Rear view of a UV system lorry with photo of a UV light source in a channel and IMS Robotics logo and L3 RESeaux logo.
  18. Hurricane Trenchless Technologie GmbH becomes a part of IMS Robotics Group

    In course of the ongoing expansion, Hurricane Trenchless Technolgie GmbH became a part of IMS Robotics Group and IMS Asia Pacific Robotics Ltd. was established to further promote the product portfolio in the Asian market.

    Picture of the Hurricane Trenchless Technologie GmbH building.
  19. Entry into LED house connection rehabilitation and integration of IMS PIPE Vision d.o.o. into IMS Robotics Group

    This year, IMS Robotics GmbH succeeded in entering the LED house connection rehabilitation segment with the brand new MICROcure. The portfolio was further expanded by the completely revised WIPERcam basic, the only push inspection camera with integrated wiper in the sewer rehabilitation industry. In Serbia, IMS PIPE Vision d.o.o., a new production site for accessories and IMS devices, was integrated into the group of companies.

    Product photo of the MICROcure UV system with light source, control unit and cable drum.
  20. Foundation of further international company locations of IMS Robotics Group

    This year, IMS Robotics Group continued it international growth process and added three new companies to the group. In England/UK, IMS Robotics UK Ltd. promotes the full range of products from the IMS Robotics Group portfolio and also operates a comprehensive rental fleet with the associated services. With the foundation of IMS Robotics Australia Pty Ltd. and IMS USA LLC, the IMS Robotics Group is establishing itself in the Australian and US-American regions and allows for the distribution of products and services to, also, support existing distribution partnes in these markets.

    Graphic representation of the world map in grey. With the logos of IMS Robotics USA, IMS Robotics UK and IMS Robotics AUS (Australia).

Represented worldwide

The IMS group of companies is there for you worldwide. In addition to our locations in Germany and Switzerland, our sales companies ensure that our customers enjoy the best IMS service wherever you happen to be. We are supported by around 40 dealerships in 30 countries.

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