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The flexible E solution for small main sewers


The DRIVE E is an electric milling robot that has been specially developed for main sewers. With mobility and versatility, it is designed for use in pipes with nominal diameters of 150 mm to 400 mm and an entry depth of up to 100 meters. Its slim design means that it can also be used in DN 150 pipes without any problems. With an outer diameter of approx. 122 mm and an electrically driven rotation range of 440°, the DRIVE E offers a precise and quiet alternative to pneumatic milling robots. The internal pressure monitoring and the pressure bar at the top ensure stability and traction, while the servo-pneumatic milling arm stroke of approx. 200 mm enables optimum adaptability.
Cropped photo of the DRIVE E system with cable drum, control unit and DRVIE E trolley.
Technical Data
Nominal Diameter

Usable in pipes from DN 150 to DN 400

External Diameter Mill

Carriage (DN150): min. outside diameter 122mm (4,8”)


Self-propelled travelling carriage, milling arm, cable drum and control unit


Integrated colour camera with LED and additional lighting

Camera cleaning

Cable Length / Cable Drum

Cable length/cable drum - up to 100 m (328 ft) cable length

Mobile cable drum with pneumatic / electric rotary feedthrough and manual brake


Control with holder for HDMI display and 2 multifunctional joysticks

PLC control with touchscreen

Features / Special Features

Pneumatic pressure bar for better stability and traction

Servo-pneumatic milling arm stroke approx. 200 mm (8”)

Electrically driven rotation 440°

Internal pressure monitoring to protect the system from moisture

Additional Purchase Options

5 m (16 ft) extension for control panel

Motorized reeling with one-way clutch

Meter counting

Water equipment