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The cutter module for the MICROpremium flex

Cutter module MICROpremium flex

The cutter module for the modular system MICROpremium flex allows precise removal of deposits and reopening lateral connections after liner rehabilitation in house connections between DN 80 DN 250
Milling drive for the MICROpremium flex with two bladders and Kardiam Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH milling head.

Technical Data

External Diameter Mill

Outer diameter 72 mm


Cutter module

Cable Length / Cable Drum

50 m or 70 m supply hose on cable drum

Manual cable drum with pneumatic/electrical rotary transmission and manual brake


Control unit MICROpremium flex with holder for HDMI-Display und 2 multifunctional joysticks

PLC control unit with touch panel

Features / Special Features

90° flexibility in pipe bends from DN 100 (stoneware pipes, without folds or similar)

Approx. 100 mm axial feed

Manual and automatic creeping and climbing function

Approx. 90° swivel movement cutting head

400° cutting head rotation with stops

Air-powered cutting motor

Colour camera with LED illumination

Camera cleaning with permanent air and connectable water

Additional Purchase Options

Extensions to DN 200 and DN 250