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The modular system for house connection

MICROpremium flex

In its basic configuration, the MICROpremium flex modular system consists of a cable drum and a control unit. These can be combined with the MICROpremium cutting robot. Applicable from DN 80 to 250, the house connection cutter has a good bendability of 90 ° from DN 100. On the other hand, the CLEANERbasic can be connected. The ultra-high pressure (UHP) water head can also be used in DN 100 to DN 250 and uses a maximum water pressure of up to 2,500 bar.
Image of the MICROpremium flex system, with cable reel, open control box with control unit, without milling drive. Photographed diagonally with new red full-surface IMS Robotics labelling.

Technical Data


Cable drum size: L 790 x W 630 x H 1050 mm (or L 31.1 x W 24.8 x H 41.34 inches)


Weight cable drum: approximately 81 kg with 50 m supply hose length / approximately 89 kg with 70 m supply hose length.


Cable drum and control unit

Optional with cutter module MICROpremium flex, MICROmotion or ultra-high pressure (UHP) head CLEANERbasic

Cable Length / Cable Drum

50 m / 164.04 ft or 70 m / 229.66 ft supply hose on cable drum

Cable drum with pneumatic and electrical rotary transmission and manual brake


Control unit with holder for HDMI display and 2 multifunctional joysticks

PLC control with touch screen

Features / Special Features

Removable control unit in protective case with video PC and HDMI display with touch screen

Additional Purchase Options

5 m / 16.4 ft extension cable for control unit

Vehicle installation set