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Innovative LED curing system for the house connection


The MAXIcure is a powerhouse for house connection liner rehabilitation and can be used with the inversion process as well as for curing main sewer liners in medium nominal diameters - regardless of whether the liners are used pre-impregnated or whether they are impregnated, calibrated and inverted on the construction site. The aim in developing the MAXIcure was to bundle the gained experience into a compact and high-performance product for a wide range of applications.
Image of the MAXIcure with large UV light source connected. And open control unit.
Technical Data
Nominal Diameter

DN 75 to DN 500


Mobile total weight


Interchangeable camera module

Dimmable camera illumination, photo and video recording

Cable Length / Cable Drum

Cable reel with 70 meters of supply hose


Download of the curing protocol via USB

Possibility for remote maintenance via Wi-Fi hotspot

Documentation of length, temperature, inner pressure and speed

Features / Special Features

Bendability in a 45-degree pipe in DN75 relined

Bendability in a 90-degree pipe in DN100 relined

Control unit with monitor and curing software

Additional Purchase Options

Connections to inversion drum

Flexible light source 2x600W from DN100 to DN300

Large light source 1200W from DN150 to DN500

Accessories with tools, safety goggles, spare parts and wheel set

Various extension cables

Compressed air refrigeration dryer