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Innovative LED curing system for the house connection


The MICROcure is an all-rounder for house connection inliner rehabilitation and can be used with the inversion process as well as for curing main sewer liners in small nominal diameters - regardless of whether the liners are used pre-impregnated or are impregnated, calibrated and inversed on site. The aim in developing the MICROcure was to make professional light curing of inliners faster and more cost-efficient.
Image of the MICROcure with a small UV light source connected. And open control unit.

Technical Data

Nominal Diameter

DN 75 to DN 300


2 LED heads with 400 and 800 watts

Cable Length / Cable Drum

Cable reel with 70 meters of supply hose


Download of the curing protocol via USB

Possibility for remote maintenance via Wi-Fi hotspot

Documentation of length, temperature, inner pressure, speed, and electrical power

Features / Special Features

Bendability in a 90-degree pipe in DN 100 relined

Cooling of the unit via compressed air

Control unit with monitor and curing software

Additional Purchase Options

Connections to inversion drums