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The basic version of the MICRO series


The solid solution for cutting work in house connection lines from DN 80 to DN 250: MICROlight. The integrated colour camera with LED illumination is permanently cleaned with air. In addition, the house connection cutter reaches even hard-to-reach places thanks to the 400° rotating and 90° swivelling movement with stops as well as the excellent bendability of 90° in DN 100.
Cropped image of the MICROlight robot including control case and cable reel.
Technical Data

Dimensions cable drum: L 660 x W 550 x H 800 mm / L 25.98 x W 21.65 x H 31.5 inches.

Nominal Diameter

Usable in pipes from DN 80 to DN 250 (inner diameter)


Cable drum weight: approximately 47 kg / 103.62 pounds

External Diameter Mill

Outer diameter 72 mm / 2.83 inches


Cutter module, cable drum and control unit

Milling Drive

Air-powered cutting motor


Colour camera with LED illumination

Camera cleaning with permanent air

Cable Length / Cable Drum

30 m / 98.42 ft supply hose on cable drum


Cable remote control with joystick

Features / Special Features

90° flexibility in pipe bends from DN 100 (stoneware pipes, without folds or similar)

Cutter with radial bracing bladder

Coupling parts for push rod

Approx. 90° swivel movement - cutting head

400° cutting head rotation with stops

3.5 inch monitor

Accessories case

Additional Purchase Options

Extensions to DN 200 and DN 250

5 m / 16.4 ft or 10 m / 32.8 ft extension cable for control unit

50 m/ 164.042 ft push rod

Upgrade package to MICROautomatic