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MICRO S light plus

Removing deposits and reopening laterals in the smallest pipes used to be a major challenge. The MICRO S light plus provides the remedy. The device can be used in nominal diameters between DN 75 and DN 250. The flexibility in bends makes it possible to reach otherwise inaccessible places. Save time during your cutting work by using the axial feed. This guarantees an axial forward and backward movement of the cutter at the cutting point of up to 100 mm. This prevents the cutting machine from re-positioning during the cutting process. It is best to see for yourself.

Technical Data

Application range
  • House connection
Nominal diameter
  • Usable in pipes from DN 75 to DN 250 (inner diameter)
  • Cutter module, cable drum and control unit
Cutter module
  • Outer diameter 60 mm
  • Air-powered cutting motor
  • Colour camera with LED illumination
  • mera cleaning with permanent air
Supply hose length / Cable drum
  • 30 m or 50 m supply hose on cable drum
  • mensions L 850 x W 510 x H 1200 mm
  • ight approx. 62 kg with 30 m supply hose length / approx. 70 kg with 50 m supply hose length
Control unit
  • Removable control unit with 2 joysticks in protective case
Equipment / Special features
  • 90° flexibility in pipe bends from DN 100 (stoneware pipes, lined pipes without folds or similar)
  • tter with radial bracing bladder and approx. 100 mm axial feed for creeping function
  • pply hose with integrated push rod
  • yonet connection between supply hose and cutter module
  • prox. 90° swivel movement cutting head
  • dless rotation of the cutting head
  • cessories case
Further purchase options
  • Extensions to DN 200 and DN 250
  • ni PC and video software
  • ter equipment
  • m extension cable for control unit (only with new purchase)

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