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The allrounder for the huge main sewer


The rehabilitation of main sewers is important and will become more important in the future to maintain the infrastructure. With our cutting robot TURBO 4 you can easily clean main sewers from DN 200 to DN 800, rehabilitate them with different attachments and open lateral connections after liner rehabilitation. Furthermore, the powerful air motor ensures the reliable removal of deposits. The adjustable camera and the powerful headlights ensure effective works in main sewers.
Cropped photo of the TURBO 4 carriage with Kardiam milling head.
Technical Data

Dimensions of carriage: approximately L 1100 mm / L 43.31 inches

Nominal Diameter

Usable in pipes from DN 200 to DN 800 (inner diameter)


Weight of carriage: approximately 70 kg / 154.32 pounds

External Diameter Mill

Outer diameter of carriage: 180 mm / 7.09 inches


Self-Propelled Carriage, Milling Arm, Swivel Camera, Cable Drum, Control


Swivel colour camera with 2 high-power LED and wiper blade

Rear-view camera with LED illumination

Cable Length / Cable Drum

100 m / 328.08 ft supply hose on cable drum

Dimensions approx. L 1280 x W 690 x H 1090 mm / L 50.39 x W 27.17 x H 42.91 inches

Weight approx. 390 kg / 859.8 pounds with 100 m / 328.08 ft supply hose length


Universal control unit

Features / Special Features

400° electrically driven cutting arm rotation

Approx. 100° swivel movement

Approx. 120° additional swivel movement cutting motor

Pneumatic stabilisation for improved traction

Permanent internal nitrogen pressure monitoring

Crane connection element

Combinable with ultra-high pressure (UHP) set IMS CLEANER

Accessories case

Integrated positioning sensors

Reverse-driving sensor

Additional Purchase Options

Extensions DN 700 to DN 800 (carriage)

Egg profile extensions DN 400/600 to DN 600/900

Self-propelled carriage DN 450 to DN 800

Maximum water pressure technology IMS CLEANER

Rotary swivel drive (DSA) and parallel swivel arm for ultra-high-pressure water technology

Basic parts set and rehabilitation packer top-hat profile rehabilitation DN 250 to DN 600

SCHWALM packer connection Connection

UHRIG Quick-Lock packer, set of granulate wheels D 90 and D 140, set of corundum wheels D 90 and D 140