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UV curing for liners up to DN 1600

UV 12000 Compact

The UV 12000 Compact UV curing system enables trenchless rehabilitation of main sewers with nominal diameters up to DN 1600 and is compatible with different light sources, which are selected according to the size of the main sewer and have an output of 12 x 400 to 12 x 1000 watts. The system installed in the vehicle consists of a cable drum, curing cable, an integrated ignition system and an integrated control system - an external control system is optionally available. The cable, which can be up to 180 m long, allows UV curing to be carried out effectively. All data relevant to the curing process is recorded. You can set all specific parameters and configure the curing according to your requirements. You will receive comprehensive instruction from our qualified staff and can then operate the UV system independently.
UV 12000 Compact system without full-surface labelling and without UV core.

Technical Data


Cable drum: L 1620 mm x W 775 mm x H 1750 mm (without extension arm) / L 63.78 inches x W 30.51 inches x H 68.9 inches (without extension arm).

Curing Cable

temperaturbeständiges Hybridkabel mit Steckern beidseitig

Nominal Diameter

DN 150 to DN 1600


Cable drum: 780 kg / 1,719.56 pounds.


Temperature resistant colour camera

Cable Length / Cable Drum

For max. 180 m / 590 ft cable length

Temperature-resistant hybrid cable: with connectors on both sides


Industrial Control with 10-Inch Touch Control Panel.

Features / Special Features

Energy supply: Three-phase power

UV ignition system: Ignition control and circuit protection for 12 lamps, selectable/dimmable lamp power, emergency stop for lamps and cable drum

Remote maintenance software

Wi-Fi interface

Leakage testing program

Lamp operating hour meter

Air conditioning for cable drum cooling

Display of the video image on the 10-inch touch screen with video recording software