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Outmost water power for TURBO 4

Ultra-high pressure (UHP) water technology CLEANER

There are various procedures for the effective removal of deposits in the main sewer. On the one hand, the pipe can be cleaned by means of cutting robots. A more economical alternative to this is cutting by means of ultra-high pressure (UHP) water technology. With the CLEANER UHP set, you can remove deposits of lime, concrete, or root ingrowths, for example, quickly and effectively with up to 2,500 bar water pressure. In combination with the TURBO 4 cutting robot, the CLEANER UHP set can be used in main sewers with nominal diameters from DN 250 to a maximum of DN 600.
TURBO 4 carriage with CLEANER for high-pressure water technology for effective sewer rehabilitation at up to 2500 bar.
Technical Data
Nominal Diameter

Usable in pipes from DN 250 to DN 600


Ultra-high pressure (UHP) Rotation-Swivel-Drive and parallel UHP swivel arm incl. mounting for rotary nozzles G1/4"

Electrical swivel drive with additional illumination system

Cable Length / Cable Drum

100 m / 328.084 ft supply hose on cable drum (cable drum TURBO 4)

Features / Special Features

Ultra-high pressure (UHP) water technology up to 2,500 bar

Usable only in conjunction with TURBO 4

UHP hose with connection thread M24x1.5 (max. pressure = 2,500 bar) with UHP hose installation to TURBO carriage

Additional Purchase Options

Swivel head camera