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Working effectively with ultra-high pressure (UHP) water technology

Ultra-high pressure (UHP) water technology CLEANERbasic

The MICROpremium flex modular system can be used in a variety of ways thanks to different components. With the ultra-high pressure (UHP) water device CLEANERbasic you can remove deposits, concrete and other materials with up to 2,500 bar water pressure. It can be used in all pipe materials with nominal diameters from DN 100 to DN 250. Different nozzles are available depending on the nature and planned work.
Photo of the MICROpremium flex milling drive with CLEANER high-pressure water head for high-pressure water cleaning up to 2500 bar.

Technical Data


Outer diameter: 75 mm / 2.95 inches

Length: approximately 920 mm / 36.22 inches

Curing Cable

Length UHP module: approximately 920 mm / 36.22 inches

Nominal Diameter

Usable in pipes from DN 100 to DN 250 (inner diameter)


Weight UHP module: approximately 8 kg / 17.64 pounds

External Diameter Mill

75 mm / 2.95 inches


Nozzle carrier, plug-in nozzle and extension parts


Colour camera with adjustable LED illumination and wiper

Features / Special Features

Wasserhöchstdruck von 0 bis 2500 bar

bogengängig in KG-Rohren ab DN 125 (je nach Rohrzustand)

Dreh-Schwenk-Antriebe, drehen endlos, Schwenken 45°, in Geschwindigkeit regelbar

Dreh- Schwenk- Antrieb wasserdicht mit 0,8 bar Stickstoffbefüllung

Düsenträger für Arbeitsdrücke bis 2500 bar

Erstausrüstung Einsteckdüse Ø 0,95 mm für 19 l/min bei 2500 bar

Additional Purchase Options

Bracing unit for CLEANERbasic