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The ideal starter solution for main line light curing
UV 8000 light
Coming with a total curing power of 8000 watts, a cable length of up to 210 meters and at a very competitive price level, the new UV 8000 light can be considered the ideal starter solution for the main line light curing.
Innovative LED curing system for the house connection
The MICROcure is an all-rounder for house connection inliner rehabilitation and can be used with the inversion process as well as for curing main sewer liners in small nominal diameters.
The UV system for small and medium main sewers
UV 5200
Are you looking for a reliable system for curing liners using UV light? Then you have come to the right place. The UV 5200 allows curing of liners with 8 x 400 or 650 watts.
Reliable UV curing with IMS
UV 7800
An unbeatable combination: powerful UV system and different light sources with up to 12 x 400 or 600 Watts, which can be selected based on the planned curing and the tube diameter.
You need the UV curing system only temporarily
Then you can rent our equipment. More than 100 rental devices are available worldwide.
UV curing for medium and large main sewers
UV 8000 Compact
Lengthy construction sites for trenchless rehabilitation of main sewers are a thing of the past. With the UV curing system from IMS Robotics, you can rehabilitate medium and large main sewers quickly and sustainably.
UV curing for liners up to DN 1600
UV 12000 Compact
Trenchless rehabilitation of large main sewers poses challenges for man and technology. With the UV 12000 Compact you can cure liners up to DN 1600 - with different light sources.

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