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House installation

Small, agile, flexible: We are among the world market leaders with our house connection cutting devices.
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Main sewer

Our special machines for sewer cleaning and -rehabilitation: self-propelled, modular, powerful.
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UV Curing

Utilise our modular UV curing systems to efficiently and reliably rehabilitate main sewers.

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Ultra-high pressure water jetting

UHP water jetting can be used to effektively remove residuals such als concrete or lime in a much quicker way than with a cutting robot alone.
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Product range

Diagnose & repair in nominal sizes DN 80 to DN 600

Vehicle development

Custom-fit and turnkey: vehicles including professional equipment.

Rental service

If short- or long-term: IMS Robotics special equipment conveniently on time use.


Workshops and trained personel for all cases.


Our team will help you eith questions about products and services.

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Welcome to IMS Robotics Group - your specialist for the development, construction and production of robots for sewer rehabilitation. For over 30 years, we have been at the forefront of modern environmental technology. IMS Robotics manufactures special machines for cleaning and rehabilitating sewers and is one of the world market leaders in this segment. We are located in Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, England and China, and are supported by approximately 40 sales partners in 30 countries. IMS Robotics Group boasts a total of 12 subsidiaries, ensuring that our customers receive comprehensive services. Please feel free to contact us at any time to find out more about our company, our sewer robots and our service!

The IMS Robotics Group is a producer of highly modern sewer robots in the field of house connection technology, main sewer rehabilitation, UV technology and ultra-high-pressure water technology.

Our sewer cutting robots designed for house connection technology can efficiently handle small and medium-sized pipes with nominal diameters ranging from DN 70 to 250. They are capable of installation in bends with a pipe diameter as small as DN 100 at angles up to 90°. This versatility allows our sewer robots to perform cutting work even in hard-to-reach places. In addition, our modern sewer cutting robots effectively clean and rehabilitate main sewers with nominal diameters ranging from DN 150 to DN 800.

For the gentle removal of deposits, roots, lime, or cement, our sewer robots equipped with high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure water technology from IMS Robotics Group are the ideal choice. These robots come equipped with color cameras, LED lighting, and wipers, ensuring that your rehabilitation work is traceable and well-documented.

Our UV systems are designed for curing liners with UV light in main sewers, with nominal diameters ranging from DN 150 to DN 1600. As a sewer robot manufacturer, we offer a range of performance levels to suit your needs. Our UV systems are user-friendly and easy to control via a touch panel

Should your sewer cutting robot ever have a defect, we will promptly repair it in one of our service workshops. If you only need a sewer robot for a limited time, you can also rent it from us worldwide. Additionally, we offer planning and execution services for vehicle removal equipped with cutting and rehabilitation equipment or UV equipment and high-pressure water cleaners. You have the flexibility to choose from various vehicle and equipment options to suit your specific needs.

The IMS Robotics Group is a system provider in the field of house connection and main sewer technology, UV technology and ultra-high pressure water technology. The IMS Robotics Group serves as a comprehensive system provider in the fields of house connection and main sewer technology, UV technology, and ultra-high-pressure water technology. Thanks to our network of subsidiaries and partnerships with different suppliers worldwide, you can procure everything you need from a single source — from consumables to rehabilitation systems and UV systems. Choose to collaborate with the IMS Robotics Group and benefit from our extensive expertise. Contact us now to explore the possibilities!