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The cutter for the smallest pipe diameters


The house connection cutter reliably handles all cutting jobs from DN 70 to DN 150. The excellent flexibility in pipe bends of 90° in DN 100 also enables the removal of deposits in hard-to-reach places.
The entry-level model of the MICRO S series

MICRO S light

Difficulties with particularly small house connections are a thing of the past. Due to the excellent flexibility in pipe bends in the application ranges from DN 75 to DN 250, you can cut even in the smallest pipes without any problems.
The version for advanced work

MICRO S light plus

Work in the smallest house connections between DN 75 and DN 250 can be carried out effectively and quickly thanks to the very good bendability and axial feed.
The house connection cutter for perfectionists

MICRO S automatic

Previously difficult jobs, such as cutting in the smallest house connections, are now a thing of the past. Usable in DN 75 to DN 250 with excellent bendability, axial feed as well as creeping and climbing function.

You need the UV curing system only temporarily

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The basic version of the MICRO series


Equipped with the most necessary functions, the MICROlight can be used to carry out cutting work in house connection pipes between DN 80 and DN 250. The colour camera with LED illumination, the excellent bendability as well as the simple operation.
The comfortable variant of the MICRO series

MICROlight plus

The excellent bendability, the wide range of application from DN 80 to DN 250 in house connection pipes and the high working efficiency due to axial feed characterize the MICROlight plus.
The house connection cutting machine for the ambitious


Work in particularly hard-to-reach places in house connection pipes from DN 80 to DN 250 can be carried out effectively - thanks to excellent flexibility in pipes, axial feed and creeping and climbing function.
The professional cutting machine in house connection

MICROautomatic plus

You want to clean pipes between DN 80 and DN 250 or reopen lateral connections after liner rehabilitation? With the axial feed, the very good flexibility in bends as well as the climbing and creeping function, you can do this work with ease!
The house connection cutting machine for specialists


The MICROpremium offers the highest cutting comfort for the house connection area. Applicable in DN 80 to DN 250, bendable up to 90° in DN 100 and equipped with a creeping and climbing function - So you can reach any deposit or lateral connection.
The modular system for house connection

MICROpremium flex

The MICROpremium flex delivers maximum flexibility in the house connection area. Designed as a modular system, the cable drum and control unit can be combined with cutting robots or the CLEANERbasic. Pipe cleaning and rehabilitation with only one device.
The cutter module for the MICROpremium flex

Cutter module MICROpremium flex

The cutter module for the modular system MICROpremium flex allows precise removal of deposits and reopening lateral connections after liner rehabilitation in house connections between DN 80 and DN 250.
Working effectively with ultra-high pressure (UHP) water technology

Ultra-high pressure (UHP) water technology CLEANERbasic

Material-protecting cutting with ultra-high pressure (UHP) water devices of up to 2,500 bar is possible with the CLEANERbasic matching the MICROpremium flex modular system.

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