by Alice Thieme

IMS Robotics Group presents new products at IFAT 2022

Overview of the entire IFAT trade fair booth during the trade fair day.

At IFAT, the world's leading trade fair for environmental technologies, the IMS Robotics Group presented their latest product developments with the MICROcure and WIPERcam basic. During the week of the trade fair, visitors had the opportunity to find out more about the product portfolio and the Group. Also present at the stand were a large number of IMS Robotics Group member companies. These included IMS Robotics UK Limited, Dantec S.r.l. (Italy), L3RESeaux S.A.S., IMS Pipe Technology AG (Switzerland) in addition to cutting tool manufacturer Kardiam Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH and Hurricane Trenchless Technologie GmbH. "We are pleased about the lively interest in our products and in the strategic development of the group. We have used the last few years intensively for the expansion of the IMS Robotics Group as well as for the further development of our portfolio. Our goal is to offer complete solutions for sewer rehabilitation from a single source - regardless of the area of application and for all challenges," explains Konstantin Wolf, Sales Manager of the IMS Robotics Group.

Picture of Microcure on a trade fair stand

The two new products represent another significant step in this direction. The MICROcure paves the way for LED house connection rehabilitation. It is suitable for inversion processes and for curing main sewer liners with small nominal diameters. It accommodates all types of liners, including preimpregnated, on-site impregnated, cured, and inversed, as well as main sewer liners. "With the MICROcure, we are giving our customers an all-rounder for sewer liner rehabilitation. Numerous tests and the first intensive practical applications have confirmed that the device can be used for all types of liners and that curing can be carried out quickly and cost-efficiently," explains Wolf. During the development of the MICROcure, special value was placed on the user-friendliness as well as the excellent arcability and pushability of the package and the curing heads. Initial user feedback from construction sites already confirms that the IMS Robotics Group has successfully created a professional, user-friendly, and cost-efficient system.

Before the system was presented at IFAT, it was used nationally and internationally on various construction projects. Liners with nominal diameters up to DN 300 were cured. The challenges included the ambient temperatures, the length of the liners and the bends contained in the sewers. "All construction projects were completed successfully and mostly in record time," reports Daniel Wischmann, technical business manager at IMS Robotics GmbH.

Picture of the WIPERcam basic at the trade fair

IMS is expanding the range for inspection work in small nominal diameters with the WIPERcam basic. As Alexander Dallmayr, Managing Director of IMS PIPE Technology AG from Switzerland explains, "a reliable inspection camera can significantly reduce the workload on a construction project. Being able to recognise damaged areas in advance and to get an overview of the condition directly on the construction site are very valuable during the following rehabilitation. That's why we decided to develop the new WIPERcam basic."

Taking part in IFAT 2022 was an important event for the IMS Robotics Group. "We are pleased to have been given the opportunity to present our portfolio live. Because even though the past few years have shown that digital exchange is definitely an alternative, we can't imagine life without face-to-face meetings and live demonstrations," says Konstantin Wolf. Above all, the international orientation of the fair offers opportunities to exchange ideas with market participants from all over the world. "Since after the trade fair is before the trade fair, we will use the time intensively before the next ROKATECH to further complete our solutions for sewer rehabilitation," Konstantin Wolf provides a glimpse of what's to come.

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