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50 m / 70 m

  • large range of application in pipes from DN 80-150/3’’-6’’ (inside diameter), optionally up to DN 250/10’’
  • excellent flexibility in bends up to 90° in DN 100/4’’ through rotating and swivelling of the cutter head
  • high work efficiency due to axial feed of approx. 100 mm/4’’
  • usable also in difficult pipe situations due to manual and automatic creeping and climbing function
  • pneumatic clamping units permit usage also in vertical pipes
  • only very small access openings required
  • convenient 50 m/164 ft or 70 m/230 ft supply hose package
  • optional meter counter with data recording
  • extremely high cutting force through powerful air motor
  • flexible operation by cable remote control and removable Tablet-PC
  • menu navigation with touch screen
  • very precise cutter control by 2 joysticks
  • permanent monitoring of cutting operation due to integrated colour camera with air/water cleaning
  • great mobility convenience through compact stainless steel chassis
  • optional vehicle installation kit
  • damage prevention through automatic internal pressure monitoring signal indicator
  • accessory case with construction site tools
  • several cutting tools can be installed
  • minimum downtimes in case of repair by self-replaceable components or use of express service
    (see detailed description in the offer/order conditions)



50 m / 70 m

  • usable from DN 80-150/3’’-6’’ (inside diameter), up to DN 250/10’’ with optional extensions
  • flexibility in bends 90° from DN 100/4’’ (stoneware, no folds or similar)
  • axial feed approx. 100 mm/4’’, manual and automatic creeping and climbing function (single and endless movement)
  • 50 m/164 ft or 70 m/230 ft supply hose package on cable reel
  • 400° turning movement and approx. 90° swivelling movement with stops
  • air-powered cutter motor
  • colour camera with LED
  • permanent camera cleaning with air and connectible water fl ushing
  • splash-water-protection according to IP54
  • waterproof device with 0.8 bar nitrogen filling
  • permanent internal pressure monitoring with signal indicator
  • cable remote control ’’IMS Touch’’ with 2 joysticks for turning (sensitivity adjus.table), swivelling and axial feed. Potentiometer for light control. Touch screen control for water, cutter motor and
    bracing bladder control in manual and automatic mode.
  • stable transport case; operation from transport case or separately
  • holding plate on cable reel for attaching the transport case (rotatable and removable)
  • software for recording and playback of the video signal
  • internal power supply for Tablet-PC
  • Tablet PC 10,1“ (25,65 cm) with multitouch display: suitable for operation with gloves, software for recording and playback of the video signal, 4 GB main memory, 128 GB EMMC energy-saving
    fl ash memory (SSD), micro-SD card slot to 2 TB, WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS/GLONASS, RFID, USB 2.0, audio 3,5 mm, micro-USB charger connection, protected against dirt and splash water according
    to IP 65, MIL spec drop resistance, B 269 x H 180,7 x T 12,5 mm (W 10.6’’ x H 7.1’’ x D 0.5’’, weight approx. 758 g
  • cutter outside diameter: 72 mm/2.8’’
  • completely assembled cutter on chassis with pneumatic and electrical lead-through and manual brake
  • detachable individual components
  • accessory case with construction site tools, valve extension, nitrogen refi lling adapter, thread extension, ball bearings and fi ns for air motor, replacement screws, carbide granulate cutting
    tool, operating manual and accessory overview
  • cable reel dimensions: approx. L 790 x W 630 x H 1050 mm/approx. L 31’’ x W 25’’ x H 41’’
  • weight: approx. 68 kg (50 m/164 ft)/approx. 75 kg (70 m/230 ft)
MICROcheck plus
Expansion DN 200 / 8"
Expansion DN 250 / 10"
Extension 5 m / 16 ft for remote control
Meter counting
Vehicle mounting kit
Inspection camera

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