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100 m / 150 m

  • very robust cutting robot for small and main sewer from DN 150-400/6’’-16’’
  • high operating flexibility due to 3 degrees of freedom (driving, turning and swivelling of the cutting arm)
  • powerful air-operated cutter motor
  • precise operation by control unit with 2 joysticks for driving, rotating and swivelling
  • toggle switches for pressure rail, water cleaning, cutter arm turning speed, driving speed and cutter motor
  • potentiometer for light control and cable reel rotating speed (only in combination with the option 030 11 600 „automatic reeling“)
  • control unit DRIVE with transport case
  • cable remote control and cable reel usable together with item number 020 22 000 IMS cutter DRIVElight
  • perfect cutting control through integrated colour camera with LED-lighting, permanent camera cleaning by air and optionally connectible water cleaning
  • long driveway through powerful carriage with pressure rail
  • extremely short conversion time for nominal diameter setup
  • comfortable supply hose length of 100 m/328 ft or 150 m/492 ft on cable reel
  • manual cable reel; manual cable reel with hand crank and automatic cable reel optionally available
  • optional meter counter with data recording
  • optional vehicle installation kit
  • low own weight of the robot allows insertion into the manhole without crane or winch
  • damage prevention through permanent internal pressure monitoring
  • usable together with inspection head MICROcam



100 m / 150 m

  • usable in pipes with an inside diameter from 150 mm up to 400 mm/6’’-16’’
  • outside diameter of the device: 120 mm/4.7’’
  • air-powered cutter motor
  • electrically powered 400° turning movement/approx. 200 mm/8’’ servo-pneumatic cutter arm swivelling
  • self-propelled carriage with pneumatic pressure rail for improved stability and traction
  • different wheel sets for the nominal diameter range up to DN 400/16’’
  • colour camera with LED and additional lighting
  • permanent camera cleaning by air
  • waterproof device with 0.5 bar nitrogen fi lling
  • splash-water-protection according to IP 54
  • solid transport case
  • 2-joystick-control with holder for Tablet PC
  • holding plate on cable reel for attachment of the transport case (transport case rotatable and removable)
  • digital USB video output and analogue video output
  • Tablet PC 10,1“ (25,65 cm) with multitouch display: suitable for operation with gloves, software for recording and playback of the video signal, 4 GB main memory, 128 GB EMMC energy-saving
    flash memory (SSD), micro-SD card slot to 2 TB, WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS/GLONASS, RFID, USB 2.0, audio 3,5 mm, micro-USB charger connection, protected against dirt and splash water according
    to IP 65, MIL spec drop resistance, B 269 x H 180,7 x T 12,5 mm (W 10.6’’ x H 7.1’’ x D 0.5’’, weight approx. 758 g
  • analogue video output on cable reel
  • internal power supply for Tablet PC
  • permanent internal pressure monitoring with signal indicator
  • 100 m/328 ft or 150 m/492 ft supply hose
  • chassis for cable reel with pneumatic and electrical lead-through, manual cable reel and manual brake
  • accessory case with construction site tools, valve extension, nitrogen refi lling adapter, thread
  • extension, ball bearings and fi ns for air motor, replacement screws, carbide granulate cutting
  • tool, operating manual, accessory overview and extension parts
  • robot dimensions (DN 250/10“): approx. L 1150 x W 190 x H 175 mm (45“ x 8“ x 7“), weight approx. 21 kg
  • cable reel dimensions: approx. L 790 x W 630 x H 1050 mm (31“ x 25“ x 41“), weight approx. 88 kg (100 m/328 ft)/104 kg (150 m/492 ft)
Water equipment
Automatic reeling
Meter counting
Hand crank
Extension 5 m / 16 ft for remote control
Extension 10 m / 32 ft for remote control
Granulated wheel 90 set
Granulated wheel 140 set
Corundum wheel 90 set
Corundum wheel 140 set
Vehicle mounting tray
Inspection camera
Quick Lock connection
Cutter module DRIVElight (without motor and camera)
Expansion parts for circular sections DN 250 - 400 / 10" - 16"
Accessories DRIVElight
IMS air filter set

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