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  • large application range in pipes from DN 200-400/8“-16“ (inner diameter), optionally extendable up to DN 800/31.5“ and for egg-shaped sections
  • extremely short conversion periods when changing the nominal diameter
  • highest flexibility due to four degrees of freedom (driving movement, turning/swivelling movement cutter arm, swivelling movement cutter motor)
  • high cutting or processing depth for lateral repair
  • pneumatic pressure rail for better travel properties and optimum stability in the pipe
  • detachable carriage can also be used for „MULTISAN“ lateral repair system
  • mobile or permanently installed 100 m/328 ft or 150 m/492 ft supply hose (mobile
    100 m/328 ft version optionally extendable by 50 m/164 ft)
  • automatic cable reel (optional for mobile 100 m/328 ft version)
  • meter counter with data recording (optional for mobile 100 m/328 ft version)
  • extremely high cutting force due to extremely powerful air-operated motor
  • flexible operation by mobile universal control unit
  • precise cutter control via 2 dynamic joysticks
  • permanent observation of the cutting process due to swivel colour camera with LED-lighting and wiper; swivel camera removable; usable also for „MULTISAN“ lateral repair system
  • rear-view backup camera
  • water equipment (camera cleaning and cutting tool cooling) optionally available
  • damage prevention through permanent internal pressure monitoring with signal indication
  • integrated sensor technology for measurement and display of various site locations
  • various cutting tools can be installed
  • comfortable crane attachment for convenient insertion into the sewer
  • extremely robust and durable system




  • consisting of carriage, cutter arm and swivel camera
  • air-operated cutter motor
  • suitable for pipes DN 200/8“ (inner pipe diameter; without pipe coupling displacements) up to DN 400/16“
  • operation via IMS universal control unit (not included)
  • supply line by IMS universal cable reel 100-150 m/328-492 ft (not included)
  • approx. 10 m/min (33 ft/min) maximum driving speed
  • extension parts for the nominal diameter range up to DN 400/16“
  • carriage combinable with lateral repair system „MULTISAN“
  • 400° electrically driven turning movement/90° swivel movement
  • integrated sensor technology for position display of carriage and cutter arm.
    Graphical representation of axis position on PLC control unit (PLC control unit not included).
  • reverse drive sensor prevents the robot from driving over its own supply hose
  • pneumatic pressure rail for more stability and traction.
    Clamping force adjustable
  • carriage, cutter arm and colour camera are waterproof and nitrogen-fi lled
  • swivel colour camera with 2 high-power LED and wiper
  • 1 high-power LED headlight
  • rear-view backup camera with LED lighting
  • permanent internal pressure monitoring
  • max. cutting tool diameter for concrete: 120 mm/4.7“
  • crane atachment
  • 170 ml oil tank for permanent cutter motor lubrication. Lubrication can be switched off.
  • length approx. 1100 mm/43“, weight approx. 70 kg
  • outer diameter of carriage approx. 180 mm/7“
TURBO 4.0 - Extension carriage for DN 700-800 / 28”-32”
Manhole deflection roller (Banana)
Swivel head camera
Swivel head camera with windscreen wiper
Grouting system TURBO DN 250 - 600 / 10" - 24"
Spatula robot DN 200 - 600 / 8" - 24"
Connection basic part set to carriage TURBO 4.0
Basic part set UV-cap relining DN 200-DN 600/8”-24”
Basic part set cap relining DN 200-DN 600/8”-24”
Several Packer DN 200/8" till DN 600/24"

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