by Alice Thieme

Semi-trailer with inversion drum

Graphic representation of a semi-trailer with investment drum up to DN2000.

Semi-trailer with inversion drum

The truck semi-trailer is equipped with a Thunder Drum DN 2500 (front loader) in a stainless steel version. With the inversion drum, invertible inliners up to DN 1400 can be loaded and inverted. A compressor with a capacity of up to 104 kw and a diesel generator provide sufficient compressed air.

The inversion drum can be swiveled completely through 180°, so that work can be carried out from either the left or right trailer flank. Cranes on both sides and a PLC control system complete the large-profile rehabilitation system. As an option, the system can be controlled by a radio remote control and has a frame with a weather protection cover.

Technical data

Vehicle type / body type Truck trailer for pipe liner rehabilitation (CIPP)
Trailer dimensions Length 10250 mm
Width 2550 mm
Weight 30.000 kg
Chassis Lowbed trailer
Power generator Atlas Copco 60kVA
Extensions Open body, accessible from both sides
Main components Inversion drum: Thunder Drum 2500
Further options Compressor, generator, cranes on both sides, PLC control, liner cooling system

You have the option of purchasing the vehicle through us or taking care of it separately. However, we recommend that you also order the vehicle through us. This way, all components are perfectly coordinated for the best result.

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