by Alice Thieme

Swap body with steam system

Graphic representation of a Hurricane Trenchless Technology swap body vehicle with steam system and a person inside.

Swap body with steam system

The swap body is equipped with a modern, PLC-controlled steam system for the curing of pipe liners. The system includes a water tank with a water treatment system. The steam generator is powered by an oil burner and, together with the pressure parameters, can be precisely controlled via the operator desk. The complete system is autonomous and provides comprehensive documentation of all data during the curing process. The soundproof room of the operator desk can also be accessed via a side entrance and contains a kitchenette with a handwash basin.

Technical data

Vehicle type / body type UV LKW mit selbstfahrender Arbeitsmaschine
Swap body dimensions
External dimensions
Length 7450 mm, Width 2550 mm, Height 2750 mm
Chassis BDF swap body
Power generator Atlas Copco 60kVA
Extension Complete extension with water tanks, separate operator room, aggregate room (generator & blower)
Main components Hurricane Tornado D 1200 kg/h steam system with PLC control
Further options Water tanks with softener, shelving system, water supply pump, small compressor

You have the option of purchasing the vehicle through us or taking care of it separately. However, we recommend that you also order the vehicle through us. This way, all components are perfectly coordinated for the best result.

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