by Alice Thieme

Truck for liner rehabilitation

Graphic representation of a Hurricane trenchless technology lorry for liner rehabilitation up to DN 300.

Truck for liner rehabilitation

The 7.5-ton truck is designed for liner rehabilitation up to DN 300 and was additionally equipped with a separate social area, including a kitchenette. The vehicle comes with all the equipment and systems needed to prepare, impregnate, calibrate, and install inliners directly on the job-site. An inversion drum and an electrically driven calibration unit, including a conveyor belt, are the main components of the vehicle. Thanks to the space-saving integration of an underfloor generator, there is no need to rely on external power sources during the rehabilitation process. A milling robot for the house connection area and a CityLED curing system are also on board.

Technical data

Vehicle type / body type Rehabilitation truck with self-propelled working machine
Body dimensions
Interior dimensions
Lenght 7200 mm, Width 2450 mm, Height 2400 mm
Chassis Mercedes Benz Atego
Power generator Power generator 22kW
Compressor Compressor 7kW
Extension Work room, social room, soundproof generator enclosure
Main components Hurricane calibration system Midi with DN300 conveyor belt, Thunder Drum 600 AL, IMS MICROcure LED
Further options Climatic cabinet, work table with shelving system, liner hanger, vacuum pump with suction bell, glass fibre dispenser, tail lift, exhaust air blower for resin filling

You have the option of purchasing the vehicle through us or taking care of it separately. However, we recommend that you also order the vehicle through us. This way, all components are perfectly coordinated for the best result.

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