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Rehabilitate side connections from the main sewer like a pro

Satellite system STL

The satellite system, which already won the ISTT No-Dig Award in 2015, is used for preparatory rehabilitation work of the lateral connection. Only one opening is required for this - in main sewers with nominal diameters of DN 200 to DN 400. From there, the system transports the house installation cutter into the side inlets with nominal diameters between DN 100 and DN 150. The system can be used with the TURBO main sewer cutter and the MICROautomatic plus or MICROpremium cutters.
Image of the STL satellite system robot carriage from IMS Robotics.
Technical Data

DN 200 - 250 (without TURBO carriage) approx. L 2700 mm x W 176 mm x H 160 mm

Dimensions from DN 250 - 400 (without TURBO carriage) approx. L 2450 mm x W 198 mm x H 150 mm

Nominal Diameter

Main sewer from DN 200 to DN 400

House installation / Side inlet DN 100 to DN 150


35 kg / 77.16 pounds (without TURBO carriage)


coupling elements with nominal widths DN 200 to DN 400 for connection to the main sewer cutting robot TURBO

an electric hose drive with different wheel sets for the nominal widths DN 200 to DN 400

transport pipe for MICROautomatic plus or MICROpremium


Rear view camera with lighting incl. holder for cutter IMS TURBO

Cable Length / Cable Drum

Satellite System STL; depending on type of milling robot used


TURBO Universal control unit

Features / Special Features

waterproof device with 0.8 bar nitrogen filling

Tool box