For maintenance and rehabilitation of main sewer installations

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The solid solution for small main sewers


Milling work in small and medium-sized main sewers is no problem with the DRIVE. The main sewer robot can be used from DN 150 to 400 and is equipped with a powerful air motor.
The all-round talent for the main sewer


Applicable from DN 150, the DRIVEplus main sewer robot offers maximum flexibility combined with high performance.
Working effectively in main sewers


Milling work in main sewers with nominal diameters between DN 200 and 600 can be carried out effectively with the TURBO 3 cutter thanks to its powerful motor.
The all-rounder for the main sewer


With the TURBO 4 main sewer cutting robot, you can easily work in main sewers with nominal diameters between DN 200 and 800. The rehabilitation components make the device multifunctional.

You need the UV curing system only temporarily

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Concentrated water power for TURBO 4

High-pressure-set IMS CLEANER

Milling with maximum water pressure is an alternative to classic milling. Use the concentrated water power of up to 2500 bar to remove deposits in main sewers from DN 250 to 600.
Rehabilitate side connections from the main sewer like a pro

Satellite system STL

The system enables preparatory rehabilitation work in side connections of main sewers with nominal diameters from DN 200 to DN 400. Deposits and roots can be removed or branches opened.

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